Explore real-life stories from my clients

who have embarked on a transformative journey.

Witness the power of my unique approach in unlocking their potential,

resulting in profound shifts in their lives.

Explore real-life stories from my clients

who have embarked on

transformative journey.

Witness the power of my unique

approach in unlocking their potential,

resulting in profound shifts in their lives.

Even though I was doing something I truly loved and was good at, I found performing very difficult. I suffered from insomnia for a long time due to increasing stress and pressure. I was frustrated because I didn't know why, but I assumed I wasn't good enough, lazy, and weak-willed until I met RTT.


The unconscious, or subconscious, as I've heard it called, is an amazing world. Through hypnotherapy, RTT guided me into the world of the subconscious mind, where I was able to meet the source of all my problems. Excessive work pressure was closely related to my upbringing and my relationship with my family. Fear of judgement, perfectionism, low self-esteem, and imposter syndrome intertwined like potato roots.

Oddly enough, RTT helped me "get it" to see these seemingly disparate issues in one logical narrative. Skillfully, Frederick enabled me to change distorted ideas about myself that had been so difficult to change in the conscious world. I finally accepted that my perfectionism, which had been so difficult to let go of for so long, was actually an obsession with an illusion and a defence mechanism against failure.

I now approach my work with a much lighter mindset. This newfound clarity has made my work more manageable, resulting in improved outcomes. The RTT sessions guided me onto a new path, and I’m profoundly grateful for the transformation it has brought about.


Riahn / Content Creator / Seoul

Work pressure used to really take a toll on me, but thanks to Frederick, I was able to find clarity and balance in my life. It was truly amazing to see how the RTT session helped me identify and overcome the root causes of my long-term issues. I'm feeling like a happier, more creative version of myself than ever before.


The pressures and stresses of juggling the roles of a designer and a business leader can be quite overwhelming at times. That's why my sessions with Frederick have been an absolute game-changer in rejuvenating my tired mind.

One of the most valuable aspects of these sessions was gaining a deep understanding of the root causes of the issues that have been bothering me. It's fascinating how childhood experiences, which I had never given much thought to, have silently influenced me all these years. With Frederick's guidance, everything started to click, and it felt like a lightbulb moment in my mind.

Frederick's approach to leading the sessions with patience and composure has been incredible. He skillfully helped me recognize those sneaky negative thought patterns that had taken hold of my mind. It's like he's a trusty guide, showing me the way to rediscover my happiness and transform my life into something truly fulfilling. Since the RTT session, I've noticed a significant shift in my happiness and creativity. Not only that, but those around me have also noticed the positive change!

If you're feeling stuck or unsatisfied without knowing why, I can't recommend Frederick enough. The process of uncovering and resolving hidden traumas within yourself brings an amazing sense of freedom. What's even more remarkable is how quickly these changes can happen.


Eudon Choi / Fashion Designer / London

During my RTT session with Frederick, he made sure that I felt at ease and comfortable, while also asking thought-provoking questions to get to the root of my problems. He helped me logically connect the dots and understand the causes of my emotional state on my own. Since the session, I've felt a newfound sense of ease in my life and have adopted an optimistic mindset.


Having practiced yoga and meditation for a while and with a deep interest in the spiritual realm, I was intrigued and excited when I first learned about RTT therapy and its use of the subconscious mind. Being unfamiliar with hypnosis, I had mixed feelings of anxiety and nervousness before the session. However, Frederick provided a detailed explanation of the session in advance and created a relaxed atmosphere that made me feel at ease, as if we were simply having a conversation.

I sought out Frederick's assistance due to experiencing burnout after leaving my competitive corporate job and facing difficulties with my interaction with others. I felt mentally exhausted and frustrated, and it was a crucial time for me to prepare for a new business, which only added to my growing anxiety.

Frederick skillfully guided me through the session, ensuring my comfort and asking thought-provoking questions to uncover the root causes of my issues. He then logically connected the information, helping me gain a deeper understanding of my emotional state. After the session, I felt a tremendous sense of relief and lightness, as if many of my frustrations had been lifted.

Since working with Frederick, I have adopted a more relaxed and optimistic approach to life. My new business is thriving, and what's truly remarkable is that I no longer feel overwhelmed by stress in my relationships with others.



Jade Kim / Entrepreneur / Dubai

As a psychology graduate student, RTT therapy felt like condensing multiple psychotherapy sessions into one. It was intriguing to see memories associated with deep-seated issues resurfacing from my subconscious, allowing me to make connections I hadn't previously made. RTT truly offers a rapid and potent approach to therapy.


Initially, I was skeptical about the swift transformation promised by RTT, especially considering my background in a related field. However, after trying it out, I realized that it incorporates various psychotherapy techniques.

Despite having undergone psychological counseling multiple times before, it was a novel experience to have memories of unconscious issues resurface. These memories unearthed aspects I had forgotten, and it felt like connecting the missing pieces of a puzzle.

I was particularly impressed by how swiftly and effectively I could heal without reliving the painful process of confronting difficult memories at the start of each session. The most rewarding aspect of the RTT program was listening to personalized recordings daily for three weeks. This practice deeply ingrained positive affirmations into my subconscious, making it a profoundly meaningful experience.

Although hypnosis may seem unfamiliar or even daunting to some people due to misconceptions, based on my personal experience, I can confidently affirm that RTT is a powerful therapy that can bring about Rapid and Transformative changes in one’s perspective and behaviour.


Miyeon / PhD Student – Psycology / Seoul  

After undergoing RTT therapy with Frederick, I'm truly amazed at the transformation I've experienced within myself. Previously, situations that would have caused me distress are now handled with rationality rather than overwhelming emotions.


I came across Frederick at WonderMinds when I was facing difficulties with my memory and repeatedly making mistakes when consuming alcohol. Exploring my subconscious mind through hypnosis to uncover the root causes of these issues and work towards improvement proved to be a deeply meaningful experience. Under Frederick's support and guidance, I experienced a renewed sense of confidence and a growing certainty in my ability to tackle my challenges over the course of the three-week programme.

I am now free from the embarrassment that once plagued me, equipped with the ability to proactively control my willpower and behavior. Tensions and compulsions have vanished, making relationships with others much smoother, and overall, my life has undergone a remarkable positive shift.

I wholeheartedly recommend anyone struggling with mental health issues not to let them go untreated and consider an RTT session with Wonderminds. True to its name, Rapid Transformation, you will witness incredible changes within a short span of time.


Sue-Hyeon / Journalist / Seoul

Through hypnosis, I was able to delve into the depths of my subconscious mind and unearth memories from my past that had long been concealed. As a result, I now embrace new daily challenges with enthusiasm and lead a fulfilling life both in my professional and personal spheres.


Even amidst a mounting workload, I found myself constantly delaying tasks, convinced that I needed to achieve perfect preparation before taking action. Deep down, I recognized that my mindset was the root of the problem, as my pursuit of perfectionism was hindering my efficiency.

In my quest for a solution, I discovered Wonderminds and embarked on a transformative journey through hypnosis. By delving into my inner self, connecting with my mind, and revisiting certain pivotal moments from my past, I unearthed the hidden clues to overcome my real-life challenges.

Over the following months, I incorporated Frederick's tailored recordings into my daily routine, treating them as a personal ritual and integrating them into my meditation practice. This practice fortified my resolve, empowering me to tackle projects of varying scales without succumbing to procrastination.

I wholeheartedly recommend RTT therapy from Wonderminds to anyone feeling trapped in a cycle of stagnation, devoid of external distractions. When it seems as though the solution eludes you from every corner of the world, there lies a profound likelihood that the key to unlocking true transformation lies deep within the recesses of your own mind.


Danny / CEO, Contents Company / Seoul

I've faced persistent mental issues that persisted despite my extensive practice of yoga and meditation. However, through RTT sessions with Frederick, I triumphed over them and now experience an improved daily life. It's as if the heavy sandbags that weighed me down have been lifted, granting me a newfound sense of inner freedom.


I've always carried a lingering sense of frustration that seemed to persist no matter what. My curiosity was piqued when I first heard about RTt, the idea of solving problems by accessing the subconscious mind. There was a strong pull, but also a sense of awkwardness and fear of the unknown. However, under Frederick's guidance and explanations, I was able to relax and fully embrace the session.

Following the programme, I found the resolution for the issues that had been troubling me. It wasn't just specific problems that were resolved; my entire life took a positive turn. It's as if an invisible shackle that I wasn't even aware of has been released. Strangely enough, the suffocating feeling that had burdened me throughout my life has dissipated.


Tasha / PR Consultant / Seoul

I wholeheartedly recommend Wonderminds to those who feel exhausted by the present and apprehensive about the future, individuals who struggle to prioritize self-care amidst their busy lives, and anyone finding it challenging to engage in self-reflection amid their relentless daily routines.


I crossed paths with Frederick during a period of uncertainty and weariness, where the demands of raising my two sons and maintaining a social life left me with little time to address my own issues. The prospect of rapid transformation intrigued me. What captivated me the most was the concept of using hypnosis to uncover the underlying causes of my current problems rooted in the past.

During the RTT session with Frederick, it felt like a personalized experience, with the spotlight on me as the protagonist, while Frederick skillfully narrated the story. Surprisingly, I started witnessing swift results after just one session. Unlike my previous encounters with therapists, where building a connection took time and effort, RTT offered a more efficient approach.


Heather / Marketer & Mother of 2 Sons / Seoul

With the help of Frederick and our RTT sessions, I overcame my challenges. I transformed into an independent individual with self-respect. Sometimes, when I reflect on my old self, I can see how much I have transformed.


I strongly desired to break free from self-blame and dependence and embrace a more proactive mindset. I had an initial meeting with Frederick to discuss my goals for the RTT session, and just having that conversation alone helped alleviate much of the frustration and confusion I had been experiencing.

Initially, I was apprehensive, but gradually I was able to relax and genuinely enjoy the sessions. The ongoing coaching provided throughout the 21-day programme was also invaluable support. As a result, the RTT sessions successfully achieved the goals I had set out to accomplish.

Once you've been unwell for an extended period, it's easy to forget what it was like and move forward as if it never happened. However, since the RTT session at Wonderminds, I have lived as if my previous problems and worries had vanished.


Hojin / Accountant / Seoul

As a long-time panic disorder sufferer, the RTT sessions with Wonderminds helped me overcome a significant life challenge. I am now enjoying a life free from panic attacks and grateful for the immense weight that RTT has lifted off my shoulders.


RTT sessions at Wonderminds offered a refreshing approach. They felt like relaxed conversations, creating an environment where I felt comfortable and at ease. Initially sceptical about the effectiveness of hypnosis, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself engaged in a serene and tranquil conversation, with my eyes closed, that felt like it lasted for around 30 minutes. However, when I opened my eyes, nearly 2 hours had passed.

Although I didn't immediately notice any drastic changes in my panic attacks, which can strike unpredictably, I experienced a profound realization sometime after completing the programme. A year after the session, I am living an everyday life, free from the grip of panic attacks. Whenever I feel the onset of an attack, I turn to the recorded self-hypnosis file, amazed at how swiftly they can soothe and restore my peace of mind.

Thanks to RTT, I have successfully shed the heavy burden of panic in a way that surpassed my expectations. I now find contentment in my work and daily life, feeling lighter and more at ease.


Min-gi / TV Writer / Seoul

The journey of delving into the core of my inner issues was truly captivating and motivating. The personalized audio recordings played a pivotal role in swiftly overcoming my challenges. The sessions empowered me to address the burdensome issues holding me back and granted me a profound sense of liberation.


I discovered RTT therapy as a unique solution for managing my relationship stress and crisis. Frederick's approach during the sessions felt like a soothing meditative process, allowing me to uncover the underlying reasons behind my hidden inner struggles.

The personalized audio file proved incredibly beneficial as I could listen to it repeatedly, allowing the insights gained from the session to resonate with me deeply. It's truly astonishing how the weight of burdensome thoughts can be lifted from my mind after just one session, akin to releasing a heavy load.

For those hesitant to explore RTT therapy due to preconceived notions about hypnosis, I’d like to urge them to set aside their reservations. They can discover a wealth of transformative assistance by embracing an open mindset.


Hyejin / CEO, Real Estate Development Company / Seoul

After undergoing RTT therapy, I gained the ability to confront challenging issues and resolve negative relationships, including one with a gaslighting individual. Even my MBTI score has returned to its pre-depression level (3 out of 4!), and I feel significantly more grounded and stable in my overall life. Remarkably, I overcame my state of mental instability in just one session!


Initially, I had disappointed as I anticipated immediate changes. Still, I didn't observe significant effects right after the session. However, after about a week, I noticed subtle shifts within myself. Within a month or two, I realized I had become different.

I was equipped to handle situations that would have previously unsettled me. I gradually addressed and resolved the negative thoughts and toxic relationships consuming me. It is incredibly satisfying to no longer depend on others for validation and to lead a stable life independently.


Hyunwoo / Journalist / Seoul

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